Tuesday, August 19, 2014

July/Washington/Utah Again

Just a disclaimer, this post has WAY too many photos! Here is a huge photo dump from the last week of July. Here is the long story short. My grandmas 75th birthday was the last week of July. My aunt threw her a surprise party where they live in Washington. I really wanted to go, but didn't want to fly by myself from Florida to Seattle. So jokingly I said that if my dad would come fly to Jacksonville and help me fly the kids then I would go (since Jayden couldn't take off the time from work). After a lot of going back and forth and thinking it wasn't going to work, it all worked out! My dad flew to JAX and had a whole day with us here. We went swimming and out to dinner. The next morning we flew to Seattle. 

Here is how the week went:

Thursday morning: flew from Jax to Seattle. Got into Seattle and met up with my mom and Drew. Went to a mariners game. Drove to my grandparents house. SURPRISED my grandma!!! She didn't know that any of us were coming. My grandpa and aunt knew that my parents and Drew were coming but not me and the kids. It was awesome!

Friday: We went out to breakfast with everyone at the Blackbear Cafe. We then went to the John Wayne Marina and hung out by the ocean for a few hours. Then everyone came for dinner at the Dockside Grill (our favorite restaurant up there). 

Saturday: We went to the Olympic game farm and went to pick raspberries. However, we didn't get there in time, so we just bought some instead. Then it was my grandmas 75th surprise party!

Sunday: Went to church and then said goodbye to family. Then we flew to SLC. 


On Monday Drew and I hiked up to Horsetail falls in Alpine. It is 2 miles up and 2 miles down. It was gorgeous! It was a really hard hike and straight up but the view was worth it!

Tuesday night we went out to dinner with Jodi and Ryan at Texas Roadhouse, which was a lot of fun! Gavin wasn't feeling great, but we all had a good time. Grandma G. brought him a bag of fun activities for the plane! After dinner we went to a wedding reception for my friend from college and he works for my dad now. 

I was in Alpine with my family until Wed afternoon when my dad had to fly out for business in Denver. Starting monday night, Gavin was SO sick! Throwing up and the runs every hour or so. He was miserable! I was SO nervous about flying with him. My dad flew with us to Denver but then I flew from Denver to Jax by myself. Gavin threw up on the way to the airport and it got all over his car and carseat. I had tons of changes of clothes in case that were to happen. Once we got him changed at the airport then he had to run to the bathroom again. I was thinking that it was off to a terrible start and so nervous about the whole thing. Thank goodness that once we got through security he was feeling better. He was totally lethargic the whole way and slept most of the way home, but he wasn't sick at all. On the flight from Denver to JAX I sat in the very back row by the bathrooms and this awesome lady sat by us. She is a mom to a 3 year old and a pediatric nurse. It was the best person to sit by on the plane, my prayers were answered!

my Grandpa made Gavin Mickey Mouse pancakes! Gavin requested them :)

Gavin throwing rocks at the John Wayne Marina

The cows that are across the street from my grandparents house. 

My Aunt Dee Dee!

The Olympic Game farm was a lot of fun. You drive in your car around the farm and the animals come right up to your window. They have bread that you can buy to feed them. We bought 4 loafs! AT first the animals were all full and wouldn't eat any, but once we got to the buffalo and elk they were eating it like crazy!!! The put their heads in our window and freaked my mom out. One licked her neck and we have it on video. Watch the video below :)

my parents bought Gavin this stuffed animal buffalo and he named him Booster the Buffalo

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