Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lily is 9 Months Old!

Here's a little bit about Lily at 9 months!

Lily weighs 18 lbs 1 oz
Lily is 27.5 inches tall
Lily is now wearing size 4 diapers
Lily wears 12-18 month clothes
Lily wears a size 4-5 shoe

Lily is almost walking! She cruises everywhere on her walker. She also cruises around furniture and pulls herself on everything she can find. She is working on her balance and is getting better standing on her own. Lily is still breastfeeding but thinks she is done with baby food! She only wants breastmilk and whatever we are eating. She loves puffs though. I bought some yogurt (yobaby) that she loves! Lily CAN say mama, dada, and wawa(water), but she only says them when its her idea. (she's very stubborn). Just today Lily has started blowing bubbles. She can wave hi and bye. She is starting to understand commands too! We love our Lily Pad!

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