Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Garfield Gang at Universal Studios!

Three weeks ago, Jayden's parents and siblings came to visit us! They were here for about 10 days. The first 3 days they were here we were down in Orlando at Universal Studios! This was our first time at Universal and we LOVED it! With our Florida resident rate, we were able to get a season pass. It was only $10 more a person than the 3 day pass that we were going to buy anyway. We are really excited to go back. We spent about equal time at both parks, spending a whole day at each and then splitting the time up the last day.

walking into the park

Checking Gavin's height for the rides

Gavin holding Taylor and JoLynn's hands

the first ride we went on. The Simpsons ride

Gavin meeting Spongebob! He really likes Spongebob and was excited to meet him

Quayde taking Gavin in the kids area

The Curious George ball factory! It was so cute. They had vacuums that you could suck the balls up into and they had pressurized air guns to shoot the balls out. 

Diagon Alley was amazing! I loved the Harry Potter worlds in both park. Diagon Alley just opened up this summer so it was SUPER crowded! The new ride had a ridiculous wait all day every day we were there. The park was nice and let Jayden, JoLynn, Quayde, and Taylor wait in the line and once they were to the front the called us. Then I went up with Ryan, Jodi, and the kids to do the child swap. Usually they make you all wait in line the whole time for child swap, but the made an exception, which was so nice. They ended up waiting for 2 1/2 hours, so it wouldn't have been fun to wait with Gavin and Lily in line for that long! The ride was pretty cool, but I'm glad I didn't have to stand in line for it! I actually liked the Harry Potter rides in Islands of Adventure better. 

This dragon blows fire about every ten minutes, Gavin loved it!

They had some really cool shops in Diagon Alley

Grandma G got Gavin these cool binoculars! He loved looking at everything

This is Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure

Suess Landing was really cute and fun! Gavin really liked this part of the park

I loved the Despicable Me stuff that they had. The ride was really cute too!

The train that goes between the two parks was awesome. It is the Hogwarts Express and it feels so real. They did an amazing job and made it feel like you were in the movie!

You had to walk through the wall at platform 9 3/4. 

Taylor didn't know I was taking a picture! haha. 

inside the Hogwarts Express

They height requirements seemed so random for the rides. There were a few rides that we were sure Gavin could ride, but they wouldn't let him. Somehow THIS ride he was tall enough for?! Haha it had 2 lap restraints but still kinda of freaked me out at first! Especially since Gavin was sitting in front me. I thought Gavin would be scared but he wasn't and loved the ride!

 Grandma and Papa G. bought Lily these Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts and they wore them on the last day.

Gavin played this hammer game and won a cute minion! 

the souvenirs we got Gavin and Lily

Taylor providing entertainment for Gavin and some random kid

They had tons of really cute play areas for the kids!

Gavin riding a roller coaster with Aunt JoJo. Gavin loves roller coasters

Lily trying butter beer

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