Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finals Date

I am done with all of my classes, except one. I finished all of my critiques/studio work this week and just have one final next week. Jayden has a final tomorrow and on tuesday, so close to being done! I wanted to enjoy the nice weather today, and was getting antsy being inside. I asked Jayden if we could go on a lunch date, even though he was a little skeptical because of studying for finals, but he said yes. We went and got subway and took it to Liberty Park where we ate, and then we went to the Tracy Aviary. The aviary is under a lot of construction right now, but there were some really cool exhibits. It was fun, and I got some cool pictures ( I wish I brought my good camera), but they still turned out pretty good. It was a good start to the weekend and I needed some fresh air. I think Jayden needed a break from studying and finals too haha (even though he probably wouldn't admit it!)

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