Friday, April 22, 2011

Uganda Part One

I want to do a series of three post about my experience in Uganda. This first post will be about the place, the second will be about the people, and the third will be my story. The first two posts will mainly be pictures, and the third I will tell in words and pictures about my time there. Uganda is a beautiful country located in the East part of Africa. It is called the "Pearl of Africa". These are some of my favorite photos that I took of Uganda itself.

Over looking the Nile River

On our safari, beautiful giraffe!

Sunrise over the Nile

On our boat trip down the Nile

Elephants on the banks of the Nile

Boats on Lake Victoria


  1. Man, Uganda seems like a magical place I had always pictured Africa to be. When I got to the Congo it was nothing but poor people, trash filling the streets, and terrible smells. The sunset was like nothing I had ever seen though--much like you probably felt!

  2. beautiful pictures, Chloe!!! Thanks for this post!

  3. Heather- Uganda was a magical place, but there was also the poor people, the trash everywhere, and the smells. It was such an overwhelming experience, hard to take everything in. But I loved it in Uganda!


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