Monday, April 11, 2011

The rest of our trip

Day four we were in St. Thomas. We got off of the ship and took an open aired bus to the other side of the island. From there, we got on a catamaran to do some snorkeling. The weather wasn't that great, the sun would come out for a little bit and then go behind the clouds. We snorkeled by the island of St. John at honeymoon beach. The water was beautiful at the beach. Drew and Jayden saw some stingrays, and we also saw sea turtles.

Day five we were in the British Virgin Islands on an island named Tortola. We visited their national park called the baths. You walked down this trail to the ocean, where there were huge boulders making up little caves. It was such a beautiful area. We laid on the beach for a while, then walked in the caves. I loved this day!

Day six was a day at sea. We were so sunburned from the 3 days in the sun before, that we just hung out and relaxed around the ship. Jayden and I took a long nap. You would think cruises would let you catch up on sleep, but we were so tired from being in the sun!

Day seven, we arrived at NCL's private island called Great Stirrup Cay, in the Bahamas. The private island had beach chairs for everybody and a bbq buffet. It was nice to just lay on the beach and swim.

Day eight we got off of the cruise ship, with no where to go but the airport. We had 4 hours until our flight left, then we got the news that it had been delayed an hour. We were so anxious to get home! We almost missed our connection in Atlanta, we ran to the gate as the called the final boarding call. We knew our bags didn't get on the plane, since we barely made it. But we were happy to have made it on the flight.

Jayden and Drew coming on the boat from snorkeling

Honeymoon beach in St. John

The Baths National Park in Tortola

The caves at the Baths

NCL's private island

A view of the beach

On our last night of the cruise

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