Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Self Portraits

For my photography classes this semester, I really focused on self portraits. One reason I wanted to do self portraits, is that I am not very experienced with taking portraits, so I could use myself as a model and also could play around with the lighting on my own time. Taking self portraits is hard. It is hard being in front of the camera when you are usually behind it. It was also hard not to critique all of my flaws. Anyway, these are my self portraits for my final. Let me know what you think!


  1. Fun Chlo--you are so talented and beautiful! Are you wearing colored contacts or do you digitally make your eyes so blue? (I clearly know nothing). I think you are amazing! love you dear. My dad just left for Uganda today--I'm really enjoying your posts about it while he is there!

  2. Thanks Randee! Heather- I'm not wearing colored contacts and I really didn't change to blue. I think it was the lighting I was using, because some pictures aren't as blue as others. My eyes are really blue to begin with.

  3. mmmmmm, yup that's my wife...gorgeous. Eyes that are so easy to get lost in.


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