Monday, April 18, 2011


This summer my family is taking a trip to see my grandparents in Sequim, Washington. I love the state of Washington, I grew up visiting my grandparents in Washington at least once a year. Since life has gotten busy the last couple of years, we haven't been up to visit in over 3 years. I love Washington because of the beauty, everything is so green. I love taking the ferry's and eating clam chowder. I love my grandparents house, and spending late nights just sitting in their family room talking and watching tv. I love going to the Ocean. I love my grandma's sub sandwiches she always makes for us. I love having bbq's and spending time with family. I love visiting Seattle and Pikes Market. I love the raspberry's we pick during the summertime, and the raspberry malts that my grandma makes for us. I love my grandpas jokes he always tells us.

I am so excited to visit Washington again, and I am especially excited to show Jayden the beauty of Washington.

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