Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bad Luck Weekend/24 weeks

Last weekend we had a bit of bad luck. Last week, we were looking forward to and planning on traveling with the Garfield family to Mt. Rushmore for Labor Day weekend. Jayden had arranged to take off work and talk to his professors about missing Friday from school. On Thursday, after Jayden was done with class, we loaded up the car with all of our gear for the weekend. We are getting ready to head out, when my car won't start....sigh. Jayden's car is really unreliable and won't make it farther than an hour without causing problems.  We jumped my car and took it to autozone to see if the battery was ok. The battery was fine, but my alternator had gone out. We soon realized that we would probably not be able to go on our trip anymore. There was not a single alternator for my car for hundreds of miles, and it would be a 3-4 hour job to replace it. We were pretty bummed about not being able to go. To make matters worse, that night was the first home game for Utah Football. We gave our tickets away, thinking we wouldn't be able to go. We still could have made the second half of the game, but didn't have tickets anymore. It was a big disappointment. After we came to grips with the fact we weren't going anywhere, we decided to have a lazy and relaxing weekend. Jayden had already told his professors he was going to be out of town, so we had all of friday-monday to just hang out and be with each other. It was really  nice to just be together with no agenda or nothing planned. Some highlights of the weekend were going to see "Crazy Stupid Love", going to the Brazil Festival, and going to a Labor day family pool party.  My class that I usually have on Tuesdays and Thursdays, is just a work day today, so I have another day added onto my weekend. It has been a really nice break, since school started up so fast!

I know this is a long and rambling post, but I will do a week 24 update as well. I am 24 weeks and 3 days pregnant today and feeling pretty good. This last week I have had some pain, called round ligament pain and I think I am starting to get some Braxton Hicks Contractions. This last week was not the most comfortable, but my energy has still been really high. A huge thing for my during my pregnancy is maternity clothes and fashion. It is hard to feel like I look good and to also be comfortable. I have always loved clothes and looking good. I have been trying to put together comfortable, yet fashionable outfits that fit my belly.

Everyone keeps on asking us if we have picked out a name for the baby. Yes, we have! Can you know the name? NO! This is our one fun secret that we get to keep between Jayden and I. Only the two of us know, not even our parents know. We love that it is driving everyone crazy and that everyone is getting riled up over it. I really hope that we do not slip and say the name out loud when someone is listening. Having a name picked out makes it seem a lot more personal to Jayden and I. Instead of calling the baby "baby" or little guy" we can actually call him by his name.

One of my outfits this week

Week 24 belly shot

The Brazil Festival at Gateway

I wish I taken more pictures this weekend, oh well.

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  1. You look SO cute, Chloe! Seriously I hope I can look half as gorgeous and stylish as you when I'm preggers :) Sorry about your crazy weekend, I hope next weekend is much better!


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