Friday, September 30, 2011

Pregnancy Must-Haves

Pregnancy has been such an amazing experience. There are good and bad things about pregnancy. Pregnancy is definitely quite the journey and learning experience. Now that I am in my third trimester, getting bigger and more uncomfortable. There are some pregnancy must-haves that made pregnancy a lot more enjoyable. Here is my list of my pregnancy essentials.
Leggings are so comfortable and they support your belly. I like them because they make you feel slimmer too, especially when you feel huge.

 Bubble Baths:
Warm baths have really saved me during pregnancy. I have had bad back pain during pregnancy and it is getting worse. I probably take at least one bath a day, it helps relax my muscles.

 Old Navy's Maternity Side Shrilled tanks & cardigans:
The tank tops  are amazing. I love to layer them underneath a cardigan. Cardigans are great because you can leave them open in the front.  They have lots of room and fit you as you grow, and they are only 10 dollars each!
 Belly Band:
The belly band really helps you through the second trimester. Once your belly starts to grow, its not big enough to wear maternity pants, but your pants are hard to button up, so the belly band lets you wear your pre-pregnancy pants until you are ready for maternity pants.

A standing fan:
This summer was so unbearably hot. I usually never get too hot. In the past I LOVE the heat, but I couldn't stand it this summer! Being pregnant during the summer is not fun, and it is October tomorrow and still hasn't cooled down...
 My mom bought us a standing fan, because she knew that I was going to need it, and she was right. It has been such a lifesaver and has helped me sleep at night. Thanks mom!

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