Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 months..A little late

I know this post is a little late since Gavin will be 5 months in 2 weeks, but I wanted to do a 4 month update. Gavin went to his 4 month checkup last week. Man oh man is he growing! Our pediatrician says that he is the average size of a 7 month old! Here are his stats:

Weight: 18 lbs 11 oz 96 percentile
Height 27.5 inches- 96 percentile
Head- 50 percentile

We started introducing solids this week. First Gavin tried applesauce, which he hated! Surprisingly he LOVED carrots. He gobbled them right up and was excited to eat them. Gavin can sit up on his own for a few seconds without toppling over. He can roll over from back to stomach and from stomach to back. He has been teething like crazy, but still no teeth! I think he will have 4 that pop up at once, hopefully this week he will get his first tooth, because they are driving him crazy. Gavin is such a sweet and content baby and he is happy most of the time. Gavin is becoming a side sleeper. We put him to bed on his back and facing away from us. We wake up in the morning and he is on his side completely turned around. It is so funny how much he can move in his crib now. Gavin is so much fun and we are so blessed to have Gavin in our family!

Gavin loves carrots

Gavin's reaction to his first bites of baby food. He didn't care for the applesauce

He makes me laugh!

How we find Gavin in his crib most mornings

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  1. Ha ha. I love this because my family was just talking about how cute Gavin is on Sunday. And I was like "I swear he's so big because he looks like he's 3 months older than Eathan and he was born 2 weeks after him! Which weirds me out because Eathan is a pretty fat baby." So I love that he is the size of a 7 month old. He's so adorable!!


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