Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother's Day

I am a little behind on posting, because this month has been SO busy. This has been the busiest month of our married life. Between my graduation, my birthday, Jodi's birthday, celebrating 3 Mother's Day's, Memorial Day, my Grandparent's visiting, and Drew's graduation, we are pretty exhausted. I have so much to blog about this month!

This year I celebrated my first Mother's Day. It was a great weekend! Jayden surprised me by having Ryan and Jodi watch Gavin for a night, so we could have our own celebration and date night. We met up with Ryan and Jodi at the zoo (which I already posted about) after the zoo, Gavin was on his way. Jayden and I went to dinner at Tucano's. They had a Mother's Day dinner special where in addition to the Tucano's dinner, you got Prime Rib, Filet Mingion, and Garlic Lime Shrimp. For desert they gave you a hand dipped truffle and all of the women got a flower on their way out. After dinner, we went to see the Avengers, which was really good! It was a great night. Jayden couldn't wait until Sunday to give me my Mother's Day present, so he gave it to me at the beginning of our date that night. Jayden had a necklace personalized for Mother's Day. It has the 3 of our birthstones and says You & Me +1. I love it, and wear it almost everyday! We celebrated Mother's Day with the Garfield's ( Marsh side) the weekend before for the annual Mother's Day party (which I will post pictures from later). We went to my family's house on Sunday for Mother's Day. I was in charge of making dessert, which turned out amazing! I wanted to make a low-fat dessert, but that wasn't lacking in taste. I used a few different recipes for ideas, and made up my own version. It is a low-fat Lemon Triple Berry Trifle. I will post the recipe soon! We had a fun bbq outside, and had fun enjoying the warm weather!

The beautiful necklace that Jayden got me!

Opening my present

Swinging on Mother's Day

 My Low-Fat Triple Berry Trifle

Gavin petting Truffles

Truffles got a little too close for Gavin's liking

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