Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Group of Photos from Our Trip to Utah

On our trip to Utah, I took a lot of photos with my camera and my phone. These are some of the photos off of my phone that I want to remember, but don't want to sort them out into their own posts. 

This was during a snow storm as we were driving in Weber Canyon. It was scary, and just the day after we had arrived!
We ate at this delicious restaurant in Heber called Taramuhara Mexican. It was yummy!
This is my grandma Borden meeting Lily for the first time
Poor Lily and Gavin had bad colds the whole time we were in Utah. This is a nasal aspirator that we bought to clear out Lily's nose. She is such a calm baby, because she didn't even mind when we would try to suck her brains out!
The trip wore Gavin out! This was when he fell asleep eating his lunch one day. 
We went to a Jazz basketball game with my family and grandparents. 
Lily's Aunt JoJo holding her
Such a sad face!
Gavin and Uncle Quayde being silly
One morning I woke up to find Lily staring at the monitor wide awake. When she wakes up she doesn't even cry sometimes. She just lays there content until I get her. She's the best baby!
Gavin and his cousin (my cousin) Wyatt
Lily's Christmas outfit that her Grandpa Ryan picked out
Christmas Eve dinner

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