Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gavin at 2 years old // Gavin-isms

Gavin is talking so much. He has been saying full sentences for quite some time now. His imagination is taking off too, he is very creative and amazes us everyday with the things that he says, being only two years old. Here are some of his favorite phrases:

  • When he goes to bed at night, he asks to do "tuck-em-ins" which means to tuck him and his baby pooh bear in under the covers. 

  • Gavin has never been a picky eater until now. Things that he used to love he is having trouble eating. The last few meals that we have eaten he tells me, 

"Mama, I don't like this food, it's too spicy!"

I don't know where he got the spicy part from. Haha we were eating scrambled eggs!

  • Gavin gets really excited about things that he loves. For example, we will be driving in the car and all of a sudden he will start making a list.

" I LOVE puppies, I LOVE basketball, I LOVE cheese, I LOVE kitty cats, I LOVE elephants, I LOVE Christmas Trees, I LOVE monster trucks!"

One night while he was sleeping, he was half asleep half awake, he yelled out, "I LOVE decorations!" He has loved the holidays with all of the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations.

  • Gavin is obsessed with monsters. He talks about them all day long. He is always talking about how there are monsters everywhere. We will be sitting on the couch and he will say, "There's a monster in the wall!" "There's a monster in the fan!"

  • We don't know where he he got the next one from, but he will get frustrated or surprised and say, 

"I don't believe it!"

  • When things are a mess, Gavin will say, This is messy, messy, messy. Always 3 times. I think he might have gotten it from Frosty the Snowman when the magician says, messy, messy, messy about the eggs cracking.

  • Gavin will tell you things that he NEEDS. Some are really needs, like, " I need a drink of water. Or I need a diaper change". Others are, " I NEED chocolate now!" or " I NEED to play with toys". Haha he cracks me up!

  • We are going to start working on potty training soon. He is so aware of when he has to go to the bathroom, but he is scared of the potty. Just this morning I had Gavin just sit on it with his diaper on to practice. He picked up the toilet and said, "mommy I don't like the potty, throw it away!"
Some of Gavin's other short phrases are, "Oh my goodness"," Holy cow", and "weird"

Gavin will call things weird. He says to us all the time, "Mama's weird", "daddys weird", or "that is weird".

  • Gavin weights 31 lbs and is almost 3 feet tall. He wears a size 8-9 shoe and size 3T clothes. He wears a size 5 diaper, but hopefully we are out of those soon!

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