Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lily's 2 Months old!

Lily is 2 months old! She had her 2 month checkup on Friday. She is doing great. 

11 lbs 3 oz
21.5 inches
She is wearing 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers

Lily is probably the happiest, smiliest, and most relaxed baby you have ever seen. She is a dream baby, I feel very spoiled! Having her makes me think I could have 10 more babies (that's a joke, we probably want 4-5 kids total), but seriously she is the best. She didn't receive her vaccines this week because she has a bad cold. Our doctor wants us to wait until she is feeling better and to come back in next week. 

Lily is getting really strong. She has rolled from her back to her stomach 2 times now. She is getting good at lifting up her whole upper body and she loves to stand on her legs on my lap. I can't believe how fast she is growing. She is getting the cute chubby rolls on her legs and arms. She is even getting a little tummy! I am really happy about this, because we have been exclusively breast feeding and it feels good to know that my milk is sufficient for her!

Today I decided to take a few photos of Lily and of course Gavin wanted to be in the photos too. It was really cute, because Lily would smile and tried to laugh when Gavin would lay next to her, she loved it!

 Gavin's Uncle Drew gave him this toy camera for Christmas. Gavin wanted to help me take pictures of Lily, so he joined in and took some too!

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