Friday, July 6, 2012

6 Months

Gavin is now 6 1/2 months old, but just had his 6 month check up this week. We got a little off schedule, so his appointments are always a week and a half past when he turns a certain month. Now he doesn't go back to the doctor until 9 months, in September. I can't believe how fast Gavin is growing! I look at him now and realize he isn't really a baby anymore. Here are a couple of things about Gavin this month.

Stats: Gavin is a big boy! Not only is he big, but he is tall.
 Gavin weighs 21 lbs 11 oz (96%)
Gavin is 28.75 inches (98%)

Personality: Gavin is MR. Personality. He is so funny and is such a ham. He loves to flirt with girls. He always wants girls to notice him and he smiles and talks up a storm with them. 

Gavin has mastered the fake cough. He does it all the time! One day, he did it all day long. It gets old fast, but it is pretty cute. 

Gavin LOVES Elmo! I bought an Elmo DVD to play for him, and he watches it at least once a day. Elmo is the only thing that he has really reacted to when it comes to characters. I was at my parents house a few days ago, and my mom reminded me that I had a stuffed Elmo from when I was little. I went to the basement and found it! 

Accomplishments: Gavin is now pretty mobile. He can't crawl, but man can he roll. He rolls fast and rolls all across the floor and covers some serious ground. Needless to say, we have to baby proof the house this week! 

Gavin is completely sitting up on his own now. He will sometimes just sit on the ground and play with his toys for almost an hour. He loves it. He also is good at getting from sitting up to down onto his belly. I know Gavin will be crawling soon, just a matter of days now.

Gavin has 2 front teeth now! He got his teeth about 3 weeks ago

Eating: Gavin is now eating 3 meals a day with solids. Here is a sample schedule for solids.

Wake up at 8 am- 6 oz bottle
Breakfast- 10:30 am Oatmeal+ a fruit mixed in
Lunch: 12:30-1:00 pm 6 oz. bottle + a vegetable
Snack: 3 pm 4 oz of fruit juice
Afternoon: 5 pm 6 oz bottle
Dinner: 7 pm Rice cereal + a stage 2 dinner (usually something like Chicken & Rice)
Before bed: 6 oz bottle

Gavin does really well with eating, well only if I'm feeding him. Gavin has gotten pretty picky about who feeds him. He won't eat his meals when Jayden feeds him. This is the one thing that Gavin has showed preference over. 

Yesterday, I was taking pictures to put up for this post, but it was rainy inside and really dark. It was took dark to not use my flash. I really don't like using flash indoors, but I didn't have a choice. I have hardly ever shot photos of Gavin with the flash and it startled him! He started making the funniest faces! I am glad I decided to use the flash, because the pictures are pretty cute. 

Gavin loved playing with the paper on the table waiting to get his shots

Daddy consoling Gavin after his shots

Poor baby and his shots!

Gavin was so sleepy after his shots, he didn't wake up for 3 hours!

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