Monday, July 23, 2012

7 Months

Gavin is 7 months old today! Gavin is growing like crazy. Not too much has changed since the 6 month update. Some new things are that Gavin has learned to squeal more when he is happy or gets excited. Gavin can now stay up on his knees for a little bit, but isn't crawling yet. He is starting to eat finger foods. He loves watermelon and yogurt drops. We lowered Gavin's crib down this last week, because his is getting pretty close to pulling himself up. He likes having his crib lowered, because he can see his room and is much happier in the mornings. Gavin loves puppies and gets so excited to pet Truffles (my families dog). Gavin loves to be outside and loves the trees and birds. Gavin has started to baby talk a lot more this month. He is close to saying "mama".  We sure love this little guy a lot! He is getting more fun every day!

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