Friday, July 27, 2012

Our 2nd Anniversary

Jayden and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last weekend! It has been an incredible first two years. Jayden and I have a system for Valentines Day and our Anniversary. We switch off planning, so this year I did Valentines Day, and Jayden planned our anniversary. Next year we will switch. It is great, because we both get surprises and get to see what the other has planned. Jayden did a great job planning this year. I had no clue what the plans were. My parents watched Gavin for the night, so we could have a night to ourselves. Jayden came home with two dozen red roses in hand for me. We then left for dinner.  Jayden started driving, and was driving all over the place, trying to trick me to think we were going one place, then would start driving the other direction. We started driving up Big Cottonwood canyon, and I just thought that we were killing time before dinner. We ended up at snowbird and I realized that is where were eating dinner. We ate dinner at the Aerie restaurant, which was excellent. The view from the restaurant was amazing. The food was very gourmet and delicious. For an appetizer we had quinoa fritters. Jayden got the salmon and I got the beef tenderloin. Both were really good. After we ate dinner, we headed back down to SLC. We went to our favorite frozen yogurt place near our apartment, and then went to a movie. I had been bugging Jayden to go see What to Expect When Your Expecting at the dollar theater, so we went to see the movie.

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  1. Happy anniversary you cute love birds! I remember talking to you at Sam's wedding and we were talking about something.. I can't remember what.. but I think I said that marriage can be really hard sometimes.. and you two just looked at my and said something like marriage is so easy for us! You two must be the perfect couple! That dinner looked so yummy and the view is gorgeous! :)


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