Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Full Term

On Friday I will be 37 weeks pregnant, which means that I am full term! It always feel good to get to the point where you know that the baby could come at anytime and be fine. I have a feeling that she might come earlier than Gavin did, but you never know (knock on wood). The last two days I have been feeling really crampy, almost like having period cramps. I remember having these with Gavin, but not until right before I went into labor. My body is getting to the point where everything is sore and uncomfortable. My hips are so sore and it feels like they are spreading trying to get ready for when she is born. A lot of times it is hard to breathe, because she is so big and up in my ribs. My doctor said with a 2nd baby lightening doesn't happen until right before labor, so it is hard to breathe up until the end. Overall, I have had a very normal and healthy pregnancy, so I can't complain too much. However, I am  so ready to meet our little girl and get my body back!

We had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything is looking good! I am 1 cm dilated (last week I wasn't at all). This week I could tell that I was dilating a little bit by the way I was feeling. I will see my doctor again next monday. I have my hospital bag packed and ready, just in case!

6 weeks pregnant vs. 37 weeks pregnant. The human body is amazing!

35 weeks

 36 weeks

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  1. So cute Chloe! You're such an adorable preggo mama! That's so exciting you have another on the way :)


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