Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fun Saturday at Conner Farm/Pumpkin Patch

Today we decided to drive to a farm about an hour west from Jacksonville for a fun fall afternoon. The farm was out in total farm country with really pretty scenery. There were a lot of fun activities for kids and Gavin had a blast! Gavin has been obsessed with pumpkins lately and he was in pumpkin heaven when he saw the pumpkin patch. He got to pick out his very own pumpkin. 

One of the activities they had for kids was a huge barrel filled with corn. Gavin had a great time playing with the corn and with the other kids

They had a really fun playground for the kids to play on. Gavin had fun swinging, climbing, and going down the slide

Gavin and Jayden got to go on a cow train ride. 

The old fashioned way of having "time out". haha Gavin wasn't really in trouble, but there were all of these stocks that were titled "rule breakers". We only kept Gavin in there long enough for a picture. 

Gavin climbing on barrels of hay

Gavin got to hold a bunny rabbit!

He also got to feed the sheep, chickens, and goats

When we asked Gavin what his favorite part of the farm was, he shouted, "pumpkins!"

Gavin's pumpkin that he picked out all buy himself. This is him carrying it over for us to pay for it. 

A family photo by the pumpkin patch

Gavin had too much fun that he was asleep as soon as we got into the car. He wore himself out!

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