Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Let's Talk About Rain Boots and Cool Weather

This past week has been pretty rough on us. Gavin had a couple of nights where he didn't sleep very well and I was exhausted. When you don't get a good night of sleep (especially being almost 9 months pregnant) it tends to throw off your day. Yesterday was a pretty crappy day. I had only slept about 2 hours the night before. It was one of those days where you just feel off. I couldn't keep up with the messes Gavin was making. Gavin was really grouchy from the lack of sleep. He kept on doing things to purposely disobey me. I was really frustrated with the day in itself. The weather was rainy the whole day so there was no where really to go or anything to do. Well last night, we got a great night of sleep (8 hours people!) and it is amazing what a good nights rest can do for your body. We woke up in a much better mood than yesterday.

Today is an awesome day. It is 62 degrees out! Which seems so cold for here in Florida. Cold enough that we broke out the sweaters and long pants. Gavin got a pair of rain boots from my parents in the mail yesterday and he hasn't taken them off since. Besides sleeping and showering of course. He wears them all around the house and loves putting them on himself. Gavin got pretty excited when I showed him that I had a pair of rain boots too.  As soon as I showed Gavin my rain boots, he insisted that I put them on and that we go for a walk outside. The air was crisp, there was a nice breeze, and it was overcast and cool. Such a nice change in weather. I love feeling no humidity. We decided to break out my camera and tripod and take a few photos, since that doesn't happen too often. I am trying to be better at taking more photos with my camera instead of my phone.

Gavin and I in our rain boots
check out that huge belly! Woah! It looks like I am trying to hid a watermelon under there. 

This picture might be one of my favorites of Gavin and me. He wanted to give baby Lily a hug and ended up resting on my belly for a minute or so just cuddling with her. 

Gavin walking his puppy, "woofster"

A shot of our rain boots

Gavin wanted to climb some stairs in a building close to ours. Since we are on the first floor we never get to see our complex from above. Our building is the blue building on the right. 

I wish the quality on this photo was better. It hard getting good shots with the self timer

Same goes for this one. I wish it was in focus!

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