Monday, October 21, 2013

Alyx and Spencer Come to Visit

Our good friends Alyx and Spencer came to visit us in Jacksonville this past weekend. It was Spencer's fall break so they decided to come visit for a few days. We love having visitors! It was so much fun seeing them. We tried to fit a lot in for the short amount of time that they were here. 

Alyx is pregnant as well so we had to take a belly shot. Alyx is 22 weeks pregnant and I am 36 weeks pregnant in this picture. 

We went to the Jacksonville Zoo on Friday while Jayden was at work. 

Here is a video of Gavin laughing at the monkeys at the zoo:

Friday night we went to the pool at our complex and bbq'ed steaks. 

Saturday we went to the beach:

Gavin being a goofball

Saturday night we went to St. Johns Town Center and had a delicious dinner at Cantina Laredo. Then we drove downtown to walk around and see the city. 

I was able to bring my tripod to take some night shots of the city

 We walked the Jacksonville Pier 

Thanks Alyx and Spencer. We had a great time!

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