Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our October So Far

Just a glance from our October so far.  

Or AKA a photo dump from my phone

Gavin loves helping me clean. It is really cute. He always wants to help vaccuum, sweep, wipe, and throw things away
Our October has been pretty warm still. We managed to get a pool day in last week

We've visited quite a few parks this month. Gavin is starting to like swinging again
Jayden made an amazing pumpkin dip for conference.

It consists of cool whip, vanilla pudding mix, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spice. It is delicious! 
Jayden and Gavin putting together Lily's bassinet during conference
Thanks to my Mom & Dad for this bassinet for a baby present! We love it!
We made Halloween sugar cookies with Gavin over conference weekend. He loved decorating them and getting out the Halloween decorations
Gavin has been giving Lily lots of hugs and kisses!
A fun Halloween package that Gavin got in the mail from his Grandma Tiffany and Papa Mike
We actually had a day that was cold enough to drink hot chocolate. My belly also makes a great shelf. 
For scouts last week, a fire truck and fire crew came to talk to us. Gavin loved it! He loved getting up in the firetruck. 
Just me and my mini me. I think we look so alike in this picture! 
Jayden and I were able to go on a date night last weekend. I surprised Jayden by arranging a babysitter so we could go out just the two of us. We found a great little pizza place, got frozen yogurt, and saw the movie Gravity in 3D. 

My handsome boys in their matching ties

Gavin and I always split a frozen when we make a trip to Costco.

Can't believe that October is half way through! Today marks the day that Lily will be here in 30 days or less!


  1. so cute! I wish it would be cold enough here for hot cocoa...

  2. fun pics! gavin is looking so old! he is going to be such a good helper and big brother when you have the baby!


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