Wednesday, October 5, 2011

28-29 Week Update

I am now 28 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I am feeling good! We had our 28 week appointment this week and everything is looking good with baby. I took my glucose test a couple weeks ago too. Everyone was telling me how bad the drink was, it wasn't even bad it all! It just tasted like orange soda, but the good news is that I passed! When I had my blood drawn, they found out that I am anemic, so I am now taking iron pills everyday. This week I have felt so much movement from the little guy! It has been different movement too, in addition to the kicks and jabs, he is now making rolling and swooping movements that I can feel. It is a crazy feeling. Yesterday I could tell exactly where the outline of his foot was, and I would push on it and he would push back, it was so cool! We are down to 80 days now, so it is actually seeming like the end is in sight! I am excited to be 30 weeks.

Yesterday Jayden dyed my hair for me! I love it! I really needed a change to my hair. We were looking at old pictures and I realized how much better I look with darker hair. The change makes me feel more self confident and better about myself.
 Jayden and I found a website where you can combine your photos to see what your future child might look like...haha. Even though it is cheesy, we had to try it. This is what it came up with..kind of fun!

We also bought my diaper bag this last week, I love it. I think it is cute and practical at the same time, but doesn't scream diaper bag.


  1. K I'm totally in lOve with your blog! It's so perfect! The design, the writing, the pictures, everything! This blog makes me want to be pregnant!

  2. Love the hair and the bag! You need to tell me your owl beanie colors so I can have them ready for you! Can't wait to see the little guy. P.s. you should tell me his name :)


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