Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkins, Football, and Halloween

This weekend Jayden and I decided to carve pumpkins, since we haven't had the chance to really get into the Halloween holiday this year. Jayden decided to carve in his pumpkin, our little guy from a pic of an ultrasound ( so sweet) and I decided on an owl. Jayden is a lot more detail oriented than I am haha. Saturday we used our MUSS tickets and went to the Utah-Oregon State game. It was the blackout game and it was fun to finally get a win at home. For Halloween this year, I saw a maternity shirt from pinterest (if you have pinterest, you have probably seen it before). Jayden and I decided to add to it, but making our baby a future UTE for the game. It turned out really cute (see pictures below). We entered it into our apartment complex's costume contest, and the office loved it, so we have our fingers crossed!

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