Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lovin us some fall break

Our fall break started with last weekend on Friday. We have this entire week off of school, so we get a total of 10 days off! It has already been such a nice break, and it is only Tuesday.

Last weekend recap: Friday night Jayden had a soccer game. I watched from the car, because it was freezing outside and started to rain. After Jaydens soccer game we went to Trolley Square to eat at Old Spaghetti Factory and then to Gateway to see "Contagion". We really enjoyed the movie, and it was fun to walk around gateway for a bit. Saturday we went to the Utah vs. ASU football game. Even though we lost by a lot, it was still fun to be there to cheer the Utes on. My feet get pretty sore by the end of the game, because in the MUSS there is no sitting down whatsoever. After the game on Saturday we decided to have a pizza picnic in our family room which was fun. We then started another project for the nursery. We painted the rocking chair (Pictures to come later).
Sitting in the car at Jayden's soccer game freezing!

Watching the game from inside the car

Go utes!

Jayden got caught mid-cheer

We have row 11 season tickets this year! Not bad compared to row 40 something we had last year

Dressed to go to the game. ( sorry the flash made my belly look shiny)

Our pizza picnic in our family room

Today one of my good friends, Melanie is getting married, so we are excited to go to her wedding reception tonight. This week we are going up to Sundance resort to spend a night to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and colors and to relax a little bit before the baby comes, we are really excited! We are also having maternity photos taken on Thursday, so I am looking forward to that as well.

This last week I have felt really good, I have had a lot of energy. The only disappointing thing about this week is that I had to take off my wedding ring :(. I can still get it on and off, but my fingers are starting to swell some and I don't want to end up having to cut it off, so better sooner than too late. We bought a fake replacement ring though, so I will have something to wear for the next 2 months. I am looking forward to being 30 weeks this week! Wahoo! I feel like we can start the countdown now.


  1. So jealous right now. Our fall break is only one day off. Boo! Enjoy your break :).

  2. This was a great post! I loved it! So many happy things! Enjoy the rest of your break, I am glad your energy came back! I always was lucky and felt great from week 30-38! It was super!!! I hope you enjoy the same luck!

    I cant wait to see pictures of the chair!


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