Sunday, October 16, 2011


Since this week was our fall break, Jayden and I decided to spend a night up at Sundance Resort. It was nice to get away for a little break to ourselves before our little guy gets here. We headed up to Sundance on Wednesday afternoon. We ate dinner on our way up, checked into to our cabin, and settled in. Sundance does a ski lift ride at night when there is a full moon. We were there on the perfect day to take advantage of this opportunity. We got all bundled up and then headed to the ski lift. We didn't know how popular the ski lift ride was, so we stood in line for about an hour before getting on the ski lift, but it was definitely worth it! They turn off all of the lights, as you take the ski lift up the mountain, it was very romantic! We then enjoyed the evening by the fire and just relaxing in the cabin that we rented. The next day, we wandered around Sundance, and then ate lunch at the Foundry Grill. After we left Sundance, we drove around the Alpine Loop and enjoyed seeing the beautiful fall colors. It was a great little get away!

Here are some pictures from our mini-vacation

Waiting in line, drinking hot chocolate

On the ski lift

There were SO many people waiting in line!

Pancakes for breakfast

Walking around Sundance

Eating Lunch at the Foundry Grill

Jayden getting annoyed at me taking too many pictures haha

Our cabin that we rented

The bathroom



We had a warm and cozy fire

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