Wednesday, November 16, 2011

34 + 4

Today I am 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We are almost down to a month! This next month I hope will fly by, there is so much going on. This week we had our 34 week doctors appointment and everything looks great! The doctor confirmed that baby boy is head down and has dropped quite a bit. Our little guy has learned a new trick this week ( it is pretty cute to watch) he sticks his little bum out so far that it makes a weird looking lump on my stomach, it is pretty freaking looking! I can definitely tell that he is running out of room and I don't think that he likes that sometimes. I have been feeling pretty good this week pregnancy wise. Jayden and I are both sick this week, we have bad colds and sore throats, but we could be worse. It has been so much fun getting the baby's nursery ready. It has been a blast having baby showers and being able to sort out all of his presents. We are slowly but surely getting everything ready and into place, it won't be long until he gets here! This week I am looking forward to packing the hospital bag and finding a pediatrician, just in case he comes early, I want to have everything ready. I am so ready to meet this little guy!

Sorry for the mirror picture, but I couldn't find my tripod!

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