Thursday, November 3, 2011

All Things Baby

As Jayden and I were laying in bed the other night talking, we realized we are going to be parents in about six weeks. Holy cow! We have known all along that there is a baby growing inside of me and that we will be parents, but as the time is winding down, it is starting to sink in and feel real. Have you ever had a moment where you step back and realized something like that? I still do not think it will hit me completely until I am holding our little guy for the first time. I am really excited for the month of November and what it will bring. I am really looking forward to this weekend because I have my first baby shower! It is going to be so fun to see old friends and to start getting cute little baby things. Speaking of cute baby things, look at how cute these baby booties are. There is also a matching beanie, but it is kind of hard to see in the background. I can't help but spend a few minutes in our nursery each day, just imagining what it will be like to have our little guy here. We are so excited! Time is definitely running out and we are feeling it. We have so much to do between now and finals. Not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations and parties. I am hoping he doesn't come before I take my last final, which is less about a week before my due date!

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