Monday, November 28, 2011

Alpine Baby Shower

This last weekend one of my good friends, Darcy, hosted a baby shower for me at her house. This baby shower consisted of a few of my closest friends growing up, and it was so fun to be able to see everyone again and to catch up. We played fun games, opened presents, ate food, and got to visit with one another. Darcy did a great job and everyone had a lot of fun. We are so grateful for the support that everyone has shown during our pregnancy! Thanks everyone!

PS. The hands on belly picture is a JOKE in case  you were wondering haha. We thought it would be funny, but in no way were we serious!

Kirstin, Mary, Bethany, and Darcy playing a game

Sara and I with the cute outfits she gave me

Kirstin & Lauren

Mary, Bethany, Darcy, Me, Sara, Lauren, Kirstin


The cute decorations Darcy had up

Danielle, Darcy, Mary, and Bethany

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