Friday, January 25, 2013

13 Months

Gavin is now 13 months old. Gavin is starting to talk a lot these days. He will try saying words if you repeat them to him. Words that he knows and says: mama, dada, diaper, ball, cracker, dog, pup pup ( for puppy), wow, hot, mouth, and a few others. He has a few little tricks that he can do. If you ask him what sound a monkey makes he will make monkey sounds. He claps his hands every time you say "good job". If you ask him to put his arms up, he puts them straight up in the air. He is obsessed with balls and this just started a few days ago, but he loves balls. Anything that looks like a ball he also thinks is a ball. He thought an onion was a ball. Gavin is such a monkey and is very naughty sometimes. He is such a happy boy and loves people. He can be very tiring though, I am glad he is a good napper so I can get a little bit of a break during the day. He also blows on his food, regardless if it is hot or not. haha. He learned this just from watching us eat when something was too hot.

Gavin got a play tent for his birthday. My mom found a bag of colorful balls at Target on clearance, so she got them for Gavin to play with in his tent. He LOVES it. He is in heaven when he is playing in all of those balls.

This is a video of Gavin eating applesauce. He thinks its so funny to spit it out and laughs every time. My favorite part is when he goes "BLEH!"

I also found at Ross a little basketball hoop with suction cups. I put it in the bathtub so he can play with it and he also loves it. He makes baskets over and over again.

I was at my parents house when I found a sock monkey kit. It just included socks, so I looked up the directions online. I made Gavin a sock monkey, and he loves it. It isn't perfect and it still needs eyes, but I think it turned out really cute.

This was taken this morning. Gavin took off and it took me a minute to find where he had gone. He was just staring out of our bedroom window longing to go outside. I feel bad that I can't take him outside because it is too cold/icy/nasty inversion.

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