Thursday, January 24, 2013

One of my best friends, Alyx, asked me if I would take some photographs for her. Her husband, Spencer, has been serving in the military for the past year in Afghanistan. I was honored that she asked me to come take photographs at his homecoming. It was such a neat experience to be there. I always tear up when I see military families reunited on the news. It was such a joyous and happy event and I am so glad that I could be there. Jayden was sad that he couldn't make it, but I am grateful that my mom came and helped me watch Gavin so I could take photographs.

While we were waiting:
Alyx and her mom Laura

Spencer's parents

Seeing the plane pull up

Alyx's awesome sign that she made

Seeing Spencer get off of the plane

He's home!

Husband and wife together again!

Spencer's brother and sister

Gavin loved Spencer!

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