Monday, January 7, 2013

A Little Something Called a Kidney Infection

It all started on Thursday night, I started getting stomach cramps and started to feel sick, but just brushed it off and went to sleep. On Friday morning we had to wake up extra early, because we had Gavin's 12 month doctors appointment and a wedding to attend that day. I woke up and my body was so cold. I started shaking really bad, like I had really bad chills. I got in the bathtub to warm myself up, and convinced myself that I would be ok to still get ready and attend the days activities. I struggled to get ready for the day, but once I did we left to Gavin's appointment. I actually started to feel better after Gavin's appointment, and thought that I would be fine for the rest of the day. Oh boy, if I only knew. Jayden and I went to the sealing of his cousin in the Bountiful temple. Once we got in the temple, my body started shaking again and my lips were a purplish blue color and my face wash very flushed. After the sealing, we were supposed to stay for the wedding dinner and the reception, but Jayden made the right choice in taking us home. We picked up some soup for lunch from Kneaders. By the time I made it home, changed, ate my soup, and got into bed, I was completely exhausted. I took a nap, while Jayden took care of Gavin. By this point I was convinced that I had the flu, since it has been going around and we had been in contact with people who had the flu. Later in the afternoon, I had a fever of 102+. Around 8 pm I had uncontrollable shaking. My body was so cold and I couldn't get warmed up. It was kind of like my body was almost having a seizure, I couldn't stop them and they were very painful. Jayden put a heating pad underneath me and 8+ blankets and after about 45 minutes I was finally warm. At this point, I had also been taking tylenol and ibuprofen to help with the fever and pain. When I had my shaking episodes, I got a pain in my side and back, I didn't think much of this, I thought it was just my body aching from the flu. Around 4 am on Friday night (technically Saturday) I had another bad shaking episode. On Saturday, I was feeling a little bit better. I spent most of the day in bed, with Jayden and Gavin. We hung out and watched movies and played games. Saturday was pretty uneventful and I was glad to relax. Sunday, my fever still lingered, and I got one more episode of shaking. My back and my abdomen really started to hurt more and more. I feared for today (Monday) to come, because Jayden wouldn't be here to take care of Gavin and myself. I told myself that if I wasn't feeling better by today that I would go to the instacare and see whats going on. Well today I was actually feeling pretty good, just the pain in my side and abdomen were still there, but my fever was gone. Around 3 pm, my body started to shake again and I got so cold. I put Gavin in his bouncer and put on Elmo for him to watch in our bedroom. I climbed into bed and tried to get warm. The pain was becoming worse and worse. Jayden happened to call me at that moment to check up on me, I was in tears and pretty hysterical because I was so miserable. Jayden came home from work and we went to the instacare. After running a few blood tests and a urine sample, the doctor knew that I had a Kidney infection. I was relieved to know what was wrong with me, but not relieved that it was a Kidney infection, because I know they can be really serious. Luckily, we caught mine early enough that I didn't have to be hospitalized. I received a shot of antibiotics in my bum (sorry if that's too much information) and filled a prescription for seven days of antibiotics. The antibiotic shot works really fast, so I can already feel it working a little bit. I am so excited to start feeling better. This afternoon was the first time I left our apartment since Friday afternoon. I mostly stayed in bed that whole time too! What a miserable and crappy weekend it was! I am grateful and blessed for a warm apartment and a loving husband and son that take care of me when I am sick. I am also grateful for modern medicine and the antibiotics that I was able to receive. I will be really impressed if anyone actually reads this whole post! It is more for me to document what happened.

Also, Gavin had his 12 month checkup on Friday, which included 4 shots. The shots left him feeling under the weather on Friday night as well. He developed a fever and a cold (not from the shots) so he has been feeling sick too. He has a cough too, so I hope it goes away soon! We spent lots of time cuddling and feeling sick together over the weekend.

I also want to give a shot out to Jayden, because he was so kind and helpful this weekend in taking care of Gavin and me. He is the best! 

On Sunday night, when both of us were feeling pretty miserable

Jayden got us bagels for breakfast on Saturday, since we didn't eat much the day before

This was at the instacare before I saw the doctor, I wore a mask because I thought I still had the flu and was contagious. Turns out I didn't have to wear the mask. haha  


  1. Glad you were seen! Hope you feel better really soon!

  2. I'm sorry to hear you were so sick! I hope your little family stays healthy this winter!


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