Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drew's Farewell

A lot of you probably know that Drew left on his mission today. I will post about that very soon, but first I want to post about his Farewell a few weeks ago. In our church, when a missionary leaves on a mission, they first have to give a talk in church to the congregation. After Drew's talk in church, we had close family and friends over to congratulate Drew.

A group of Drew's friends that came to the church to listen to his talk

Drew's close friends from high school

The missionary sign that Drew gave my mom.

The food: quiche, fruit, muffins, rolls, pie, and cake

Since Drew is going to Kentucky, my mom had the theme of "Ride for the Roses" because in Kentucky is where they have the Kentucky Derby and the "Run for the Roses"

The Kentucky state flag

a traditional Kentucky pie

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