Monday, August 15, 2011

SLC Weekend

This past weekend was so much fun! I love living in Salt Lake City, because there are so many great things to take advantage of. On Friday night, Jayden and I went to Cafe Rio ( no surprise there!) and then went to the park for the Millcreek townships Friday movie nights in the park. Millcreek put on quite the event. They had a big blow up screen, food, and fun activities. The movie was back to the future, and it was my first time seeing it! It was fun to be in the park watching the movie, and I even saw a couple of shooting stars.

We slept in on Saturday, which was lovely, and spent the morning relaxing. In the afternoon we headed downtown for some fun. We went to Gateway to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. After the movie, we headed to Craft Lake City, where it was a lot of fun to see a couple friends that had booths and all of the fun arts and crafts. I got this cute bracelet. After walking around downtown and Craft Lake City, we were so hungry. We went to California Pizza Kitchen where we split a BBQ chicken pizza and a cobb salad. After CPK, we headed to one of Jaydens mission companions wedding reception at the Little America hotel. Overall, it was a really fun day downtown, and not to mention we got to ride the new trax train, which I was really excited about. On our way home, we noticed the amazing sunset, so we drove up to a great spot to get a very pretty view!By the way, we thought our outfits looked really good together, especially for a day downtown, so we had to take pictures.

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