Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 19 Update

This last week I have been feeling pretty good. It has gotten harder to sleep at night, including 3-4 bathroom breaks. I have never had a hard time sleeping at night so it is an interesting adjustment. This week has been great because it is such a good feeling to know that our baby is a boy! I love knowing what we are having and it is fun to start looking at baby things and planning.
Here are two more pictures from our ultrasound last week. I love how you can see him sucking his thumb! 

Not the most flattering picture but you can see my bump pretty well!


  1. You're such a cute little pregnant lady :) I am so excited!!

  2. Chloe! Of course I remember you from high school! You and your husband look great! Congrats on the coming baby boy, it is AWESOME! We love salt lake, we are right close to the bees baseball stadium. What are you guys up to aside from baby prep?

  3. I bet it's so fun to start buying little boy clothes and shoes. You are so cute pregnant.


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